About usOur Vision

Our mission is to unite women and families of all races in a supportive, inclusive environment. We strive to foster a community where care knows no borders, love is undivided, and help is offered without distinction. Our goal is to empower women to become change-makers and leaders in their communities. We will achieve this by providing essential life skills, resources, opportunities, and a global platform for networking, learning, and sharing experiences, enabling women and their families to reach their full potential.

What We DoOur Mission

We aim to bring women and families of all races together to network and support each other in an environment where care knows no borders, love has no divides, and help has no differentiation. 

Our goal is to empower women to become change-makers and leaders in their communities. We aspire to provide women from all walks of life with the basic tools they need to reach their full potential.

To equip women and their families with resources, opportunities, and a global platform that facilitates networking, learning, and the sharing of experiences. 

Among its beneficiaries, the organisation prioritises professional development, academic excellence, and leadership development.

ServicesOur Objective

Fostering Economic Empowerment and Inclusive Integration for Migrant and Host Community Women through Networking, Education, Job Access, and Social Support

Job Seekers Help
Supply job seekers with free CV clinics, mentoring and coaching sessions.
Online Healthcare
Provide access to online healthcare for women in less privileged communities.
Support to Communities
Encourage members to tackle health and educational issues in their communities.
Deliver rehabilitation services to women in need.

Who We Are Meet Our Team

Ejiro Stratton
Founder / Chairperson
Ejiro Stratton, the founder and chairperson of Hands4Unity CLG, stands as a dynamic and compassionate leader in Drogheda, earning recognition with the outstanding individual award for Louth Nov 2023. In addition to her role as the Assistant Director of Nursing at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, she showcases excellence in healthcare. As a member of the secretariat board of Louth PPN, her commitment to community development is evident. With a heart of gold and open arms, Ejiro warmly embraces those in need, leaving a lasting impact on her community.
Jasmine Mathew
Vice Chairperson
Meet Jasmine Mathew, a dedicated individual with a solid commitment to her community and career. As the Vice Chairperson of Hands4Unity, she actively champions unity and inclusivity, fostering a sense of togetherness. Originally from India, Jasmine now calls Drogheda her home, where she serves as a mental health nurse at North Dublin Mental Health Services. She sits on the LCDC committee for Louth County Council and showcases her unwavering dedication to community development and well-being. Jasmine Mathew is a highly regarded, multifaceted figure, leaving a significant and positive mark on her community.
Roseline Bateren
Area Director For London Group
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Kemi Sodade
Financial Secretary
Meet Kemi Sodade, a dynamic and engaged member of the Drogheda community. Originally from Nigeria, Kemi is the Financial Secretary of Hands4Unity CLG and works at Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda. Kemi's fervent commitment to community engagement is evident in her active participation in many group activities. Beyond her invaluable contributions, she brings a touch of elegance and beauty to our collective efforts. Always supporting our call for community work, fundraising, and making sure our accounts are in good shape.
We Need Your Help
Hands4Unity rely on the charity of individuals to do our work. If you would like to support our causes, please consider donating.